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Which services are included?

If you are a member of the FlexOffice Community, the following services are available to you free of charge:

  • Ultra-fast Internet
  • A4/A3 Printing in color included
  • 24/7 access to the facilities
  • Fully-functional meeting rooms
  • Use of all shared spaces such as lounge, event space, phone boothes, kitchen, etc.
  • All drinks (coffee machine, tea, water)
  • Services as on-site community manager for support as well as mail and package handling
  • Exclusive workshops and community events
  • Access to all FlexOffice locations in Switzerland
  • Electricity, heating, and cleaning, and all related taxes are handled by us


What happens if I need more space or desks?

One of the advantages of monthly flexibility is that members can book more space at any time. Members have priority for internal relocation and moving to new FlexOffice locations when they open. If you would like to add more space or need more desks, please email us at or visit your Flexhost to check availability.

What is the Member Portal?

The FlexOffice Member Portal is a private social network for our members and provides access to the community and the functions of their membership. It is the best place to network with other members. It is available on iPhone, Android and the web. Here are some more features that the Member Portal offers. You can:

  • Book meeting rooms at any FlexOffice location.
  • Receive updates from your Flexhost via events or building alerts.
  • Manage your account and view invoices.
  • Send us feedback: If you have a problem or concern, you can submit a feedback form at any time via the Member Portal.

Can members work at other FlexOffice locations?

Members can work at all FlexOffice locations in the shared workspaces and book meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are booked in the FlexOffice app or via the Member Portal.

What does the FlexOffice cost?

FlexOffice determines the office sizes on the basis of the desk capacities and not on the basis of the usual square meter dimensions. The offices are specially designed for the number of people who are allowed to be in the area at any given time.

Orientation example:

Own desk 

Per person             CHF 500 – 800 / month

Private offices

2 workstations          CHF 1000 – 1’600 / month

3 workstations          CHF 1’500 – 2’400 / month

4 workstations          CHF 2’000 – 3’200 / month

8 workstations          CHF 4’000 – 6’400 / month

9 workstations          CHF 4’500 – 7’200 / month

10 workstations         CHF 5’000 – 8’000 / month

14 workstations         CHF 7’000 – 11’200 / month

Bigger teams? Contact us: +41 58 255 29 60
Request offer

Prices may vary depending on office location and room distribution. All prices do not include VAT.

What memberships does FlexOffice offer?

  • Private Office/Office Suite – A fully-equipped office with room for 30 to 150 or more teams.
  • Studio – A separate studio for your team for 10 to 30 people.
  • Atelier – Ideal for teams of 3-10 employees.
  • Memberships – The ideal complement to your private office for your part-time workers.
  • Dedicated Desks – Your own desk in a shared office. 


What are the additional fees for reservation, printing, etc.?

As a member, you can book meeting rooms free of charge via the Member Portal. FlexOffice printing is based on the “fair-use principle”.

Does FlexOffice charge its members additional costs?

No. FlexOffice does not charge its members any additional costs. The costs for water, heating, electricity and internet are paid by FlexOffice and are included in the monthly membership fee.


Can I bring my own printer?

Yes, members with own desk or private office can bring their own printer. If you want to use a wireless printer, we recommend that you set up a static IP address so other members don’t accidentally print to your printer.

Can I bring my own furniture?

Yes, FlexOffice supports it when members bring their own furniture and furnish their office according to their wishes. But don’t forget: members are not allowed to make any changes to the office layout (i.e. drilling, wallpaper, changing the lighting fixture, fixtures that affect visibility in the office).

But you can also rent furniture in different segments to your office. The service includes: Use of furniture for the duration of the contract. Transport, assembly and installation of the furniture at the beginning of the contract.  Dismantling and removal at the end of the contract. Maintenance and repair in the event of malfunctions.

How can I organize an event in my building?

We are always happy when members organize events in our spaces! If you would like to make an appointment for an event, please contact your Flexhost with details of your event (date and number of participants). Upcoming events will be published in the Member Portal under “Events and Goings on”.

What if I want to welcome guests or have meetings with non-members?

In our Shared Spaces you can hold any meeting you like. Please make sure that your guests respect the house. Meeting rooms are booked early via the Member Portal.

What requests can I make to my Flexhost?

The Flexhost is your first contact person for suggestions or problems. He helps you with technical matters, brings you the mail, greets your customers and guests and makes sure that you feel comfortable in your FlexOffice. He also supports you if you need more desks or if you want to adapt your contract.

How often is my office cleaned?

Our Flexhosts ensure that the premises are always optimal. All shared spaces are cleaned daily. The private offices, studios and desk sharing areas are cleaned twice a week.

What are the opening hours and how do I get into the building?

FlexOffice employees are usually on site from Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at each location. Members can reach the location with their keycard via the FlexOffice App 24/7.

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