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Five years of lease?

Tenant fit-out...?

Yesterday's news!!;)

Flexible offices a niche product? We see it differently! Why does an office have to be so complicated, inflexible and connected to so much admin? Having made large companies easily accessible with PopupOffice Coworking Space, we now want to make life easier for SMEs.

Our Vision - Flexible Offices

Keep it simple!

Efficient working environment for agile tenants.

How can offices be made more flexible, cheaper, more efficient and simpler at the same time? By sharing certain premises with other companies and staying flexible on your private space, that’s how we make the office market flexible.

Feel good!

"Community Manager, I'd like more plants."

Those who are bent over the PC, laptop, mobile all day long need variety and a good mood – we attach importance to common values among tenants and an atmosphere.

Our Vision - Custom Workspaces
Our Vision - Community & Industry Clustering

Community & Industry Clustering

"Hi, can we have a coffee?;)?"

Meeting new people, getting involved with new ideas, drinking coffee, networking, exchanging business ideas, promoting interaction – in the development and design of our Spaces, innovation and the promotion of the community are always at the forefront. Our highly trained Community Managers are there to help.

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