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Startups Meet Investors: FoodHack Brings The Future Of Food To FlexOffice

It’s no secret that here at FlexOffice, we love food. What we love even more? Food with a positive impact. That’s why we were thrilled to host FoodHack and their latest “startups meet investors” event at our FlexOffice location in Geneva. The topic of the night: Investing in the future of food 🤩    



Innovative food samples to taste and experience, Switzerland’s largest network of impact-driven food professionals and startups, works to empower the next generation of food entrepreneurs. Their monthly events, organized in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich, are about bringing people together, to share tools and resources to shape a better future of food. And of course: eat. On a beautiful evening in September, over 100 participants – startups, investors, and food aficionados – visited FlexOffice Patio Plaza, to discuss, mingle, and taste the newest inventions in the world of food.



Investors and startups meet

The evening started in the spacious event venue, where guests first listened to a warm welcome address by Arman Anatürk, cofounder and CEO at FoodHack, then to the captivating keynote by Roman Schmid, founder of SanDono coaching. A panel discussion followed, bringing together founders of food startups with experienced industry investors. After the presentations, the crowd moved to the inviting lounge area, where 13 food startups showcased their food innovations, offered samples, and interacted with the curious guests.

“There’s such a great atmosphere here!” said Satu Kauhanen, Event Manager at FlexOffice, pointing at the mingling guests. “Everyone’s eating, chatting, laughing – we’re really happy that FoodHack chose FlexOffice as their event venue.”


Arman Anatürk giving the opening address

Arman Anatürk echoed the sentiment. “This will be our new go-to venue to host conferences and events,” he said cheerfully, “the design and style of the space are unlike any other venue in Geneva.” He added: “The FlexOffice team was very helpful ahead of our event and ensured that everything went smoothly.”

Arman and his team will continue to organize events and meetups across Switzerland, supporting impact driven food startups to successfully launch and grow their businesses. For a better world, with better food.

We’re looking forward to hosting FoodHack again at FlexOffice. Make sure you’ll secure a ticket for one of their upcoming events. Your pallet will thank you for it.

More info about FoodHack can be found here.

More info about renting meeting rooms and event spaces at FlexOffice can be found here.
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