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Why We At FlexOffice Love To Stay Flexible And What This Means For Us

“I’m still amazed by the diversity of people I meet here,” says Mathis Hasler, co-founder of FlexOffice, while jovially talking to other tenants in the light-flooded lounge area at the FlexOffice space in Bern. “The free coffee here is great,” he adds with a smile, taking a sip from a white cup, “but it’s not the only reason we selected Bern as the location for our annual team retreat.” 

FlexOffice, a serviced office provider that focuses on matching state-of-the-art infrastructure with high-quality services, started their venture in early 2019. Bern was the first opening, then bigger spaces in Zurich and Geneva followed soon. The Basel location will open its doors in December 2019, and more cities will be added to the FlexOffice network in 2020. 

The FlexOffice team looks over the city of Bern during their annual retreat













“What’s great about our network is that the spaces are ideally located,” says Andreas Brandl, a seasoned business expert and the other co-founder of FlexOffice. “This allows our team to use the FlexOffice network like our clients do.” He points to a map of Switzerland, drawn with a pink marker on a black chalkboard. “Our headquarters is located in the heart of Zurich, but we have employees working in Geneva and Bern, too.”  

“It’s important to us that our spaces don’t only appeal to the eye but are also practical.”

The FlexOffice product line has been developed to allow for maximum flexibility, while catering to the distinct business needs of startups, medium sized companies and large corporations. Clients can select between a range of private offices, for teams of various cultures and sizes, with access to shared meeting rooms, creative zones, lounges and event spaces. Renting an office in one FlexOffice location allows tenants to use shared spaces in all other locations, making FlexOffice the ideal solution for dynamic and future-driven companies.  

Tenants mingling with FlexOffice staff at the FlexOffice location in Bern













“It’s important to us that our spaces don’t only appeal to the eye but are also practical,” says Jeannette Weidmann, who makes sure that FlexOffice spaces meet the right balance between urban chic and Swiss pragmaticism. Walking along the plant-infused corridor of the Bern space and snacking on some olives, she explains how the FlexOffice team operates. “Here in Bern our employees use a few desks. In Zurich, we have a private office for the core team – it’s quite big. In Geneva, we have less employees, so we need less space.” 

“You know, at FlexOffice, we use our own products every day.” 

The various services included in any FlexOffice contract, such as app-enabled door access, fully equipped kitchens and daily office cleaning, make FlexOffice not only the convenient office solution but the perfect location for team gatherings and meet-ups.  

The FlexOffice team is all about smiles













Michaela Nordgren, a community manager who organized the annual FlexOffice retreat explains: “This morning we did sightseeing in the old town of Bern. In the afternoon, we visited the Adventure Room – a real-life game that allowed us to further develop our team skills.” She points to the crowd gathering in in the lounge area, FlexOffice team members mingling with tenants. “Now we’re wrapping it all up at our very own FlexOffice lounge.” She smiles and makes an opening gesture with her arms, as if presenting the space. “You know, at FlexOffice, we use our own products every day.” 

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