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Your Workspace in Zurich Fraumünster – Iconic building next to Paradeplatz

Nearby the luxurious Bahnhofstrasse, Fraumünster inspires with its lively atmosphere, ever-changing flow of people from all over and countless opportunities to eat, shop and indulge. Contemporary workspaces within historic walls and a picturesque view of the Limmat river and the old town district.

Facts and figures about this location

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Workspaces at Fraumünsterpost

Flex Solo

Single desk

Flex Team

Up to 30 members

What’s included in every membership

  • Furniture service
  • Digital access
  • Daily cleaning
  • Top community
  • Lounges & kitchens
  • Secure storage
  • Meeting rooms
  • Barista coffee
  • Helpful staff
  • High-speed internet
  • Printing stations
  • Package service

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What’s special about Fraumünsterpost

Heritage building that is part of the iconic Zurich skyline
Unique interior architecture featuring oculus windows
Venue of the famous post office heist in 1997
Proximity to bars, restaurants, and retail opportunities

Surroundings of Fraumünsterpost

From the main station, just take Tram 11 and get out at Kantonalbank
after just 8 minutes.

  • Lidl 0m
  • Bürkligrill 100m
  • Metropol 50m
  • Puro 50m
  • Milchbar 50m
  • Old Fashioned Bar 20m
  • Bar am Wasser 100m
  • Womens Public Bath 10m
  • Lake of Zurich 200m

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As seen in movies and on posters, Fraumünster is unmistakably Zurich and unbeatable as a work location for finance, tech and beyond.

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What motivates you to work at Fraumünsterpost?

Here, you experience not only workspaces but also a melting pot for creative minds. Ideas from startups, SMEs, and large enterprises converge right in the historic Fraumünster district. Our memberships offer more than just amenities; they open up a world of working amid urban history. Design flexible workspaces according to your needs and immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of this dynamic neighborhood.

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