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New to FlexOffice?

What is included in your membership price?

Our FlexOffice all-inclusive services, our hassle-free philosophy, and the ability to feel at home at work. Explore all our membership options in details here.

How long can I become your member?

Our membership options range from 1 to 6 months, depending on your needs. Discover more about our membership options or get in touch to hear the membership details from us.

Are your workspaces available to move in immediately?

Yes, we offer move-in-ready workspaces. Please contact us if you are interested in a particular location or size. You can also book a tour.

Can we customize the workspace in line with our company branding?

Absolutely, we want you to feel like you’re in your very own office. Our in-house experts (interior designers, workplace consultants and branding agencies) are happy to assist you when it comes to spatial branding within your space. Give us a call or stop by for a coffee so we can get down to business!

Can I benefit from other workspaces when I become your member?

Yes, you can access all FlexOffice locations throughout Switzerland. If you wish to utilise our meeting rooms feel free to book via our members portal and/or members app.

Working in FlexOffice?

Can I change my workspace?

Yes. We care for your needs and understand transformation. When you grow, we grow with you and can help adapt your workspace to your changing needs.

Can I bring a guest for a day?

Yes, absolutely! Your guests are welcome here, it’s your office, after all 😉

I need IT support, whom can I contact?

You can get in touch with our Location Managers, available at every location.

For specific IT services we partner with specialised service providers.

Can I create an automated payment every month?

Yes! We’re here to make your life easier, and if you prefer an automated monthly payment, that’s definitely something we can set up.

Flex Rooms

Can I rent a room/space without being your member?

Yes, you can book our rooms on a hourly basis, or for half or full days. See rooms and prices for non-members here. Feel free to also book a tour at your preferred location so we can show you around.

Is there Wifi in Flex Rooms?

Yes, you can access our guest wifi at every location and in every Flex room. Contact your Location Manager or check the information sign in every Flex room.

What is included in the rental price?

Wifi, technical devices like screens and other equipment, moderation kits (markers and post-its for whiteboards).
Additional services like catering are bookable. Explore our rooms page for details about amenities.

Is it possible to modify room setups?

Of course. Our Location Managers are happy to help ensure that the room setup works for you.

What are the fees for meeting room bookings, printing, or other services?

At FlexOffice, there are no hidden added costs. As a member, you can book meeting rooms free of charge via the Member Portal. Not a member? no worries you can still book our rooms on a hourly basis, or for half or full days. See rooms and prices for non-members here. Feel free to also book a tour at your preferred location so we can show you around.

Flex Solo

Do I have my own desk?

Yes, you have your own dedicated desk, that comes with lockable storage space.

With how many people do I share the workspace?

Our Flex Solo spaces have up to 10 workstations.

The room layouts and dividing elements provide a maximum of privacy.

Flex Team

Do we get an own lockable workspace?

Yes, of course. Talking about lockable: Our smartphone based access system offers you maximum flexibilty for your access management.

Flex Corporate

What if we don’t need all FlexOffice services, because we can provide it ourself?

That’s not a problem apart from basic services like cleaning services are optional, this makes Flex Corporate a tailor-made and fully customizable workplace solution.

Is our workspace within a FlexOffice?

No, with Flex Corporate you have an own dedicated entrance and the possibilty to apply your own style and branding.

It feels like your own space, but with the additional perks and benefits. for example to access the FlexOffice nearby.

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