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About FlexOffice.

The office that feels like your best friend.

Our mission

Reinventing the workplace

Business as usual was yesterday. Volatile markets, climate change, and digitalization are disrupting our lives, and the workplace. As long-term planning becomes more difficult, flexibility, mobility, and connectivity become key. So does cooperation.

But as we spend more time on screens, we spend less time talking to colleagues, sharing ideas, looking out for one another. In the globalized economy we’re connected to the world. Yet, we find ourselves more isolated than ever before. With a craving for inspiration, solidarity, purpose. With a craving for more.

Flexible Workspaces
Happy at Work
Happy at Work
Feel good at work

At FlexOffice, we’re convinced that the future belongs to empathy, not to apathy. That’s why we’re reinventing the workplace. Our offices cater to new and emerging business needs, while fostering meaningful dialogue and interaction – across cultures, ideas, and people.

FlexOffice is there for you, so you can feel good at work. Our environments enable. Our community inspires. Our staff listens and supports. We’re just like your best friend. Well, almost.

Key facts

Key Facts
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